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Career and Performance Coaching, and Mentoring in London and Surrey

You may be undecided about your next job. Perhaps you may be unclear about your career plan. Are you unsure about the next career steps? Nadir 2 Zentih Coaching is a career coach and mentor in London who works with people to assist and guide them choosing the right career path.

Helping you find the job you are looking for and deserve!

What is Career Coaching? 

I get asked the question of 'What actually is career coaching?' by a lot of people and I find the best explanation is..."You are the pilot flying the plane, and I'm just navigator sitting next to you ensuring you are going the right way!"

Psychometric Testing 

An objective tool I use in career coaching is psychometric testing. Psychometric test is used to assist you to gain more information and to be better prepared for a career move and to give you more understanding about jobs that suit you. Psychometric testing for career coaching is used to decide on University education, specific vocational training or to apply for another job to match your potential.


There are many different ways mentoring can help you in your career and personal life. Mentoring helps explore your hopes, expectations and current situation, and helping to find the job that's important to you and supports you to apply for the job that matches your potential. Discover the barriers that prevent you from making the right decision for the future.
Mentoring aims to help individuals achieve the transitions in knowledge, work and thinking.
​                                                                                                                         -Clutterbuck & Megginson, 1999

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching helps you improve job performance, competence and confidence; increase self-awareness about your performance; boost self-directed learning and identify training needs. Employers will also benefit from employees' performance coaching as strategies are used to deal with resilience, maladaptive perfectionist behaviour and presenteeism.

The Next Steps...

You've checked all your performance records, you are now having doubts about the way forward or you still cannot decide? Read though the next five questions and if you can answer 'Yes' to one or more perhaps you should consider career coaching.
  • Are you still feeling stuck?
  • Are you now thinking of a career change?
  • Are you reflecting on your experiences and qualifications?
  • Are you considering your career development ?
  • Are you examining your career options?
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