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Impact Of Work


Work offers people the opportunity to reach their potential. But, work can also diminish the scope for people to achieve their potential because the working culture and conditions can affect the mental health of some men and young people. ... Read More

Managing Work-Life Balance 

Working parents juggle work-life balance. It can be a period of severe stress if there is limited network support. Usually, women are inclined to face these challenges more than men. Recent findings of a 'global study of 250,000... Read More

Students Mental Health

One in Four, about 27%, of all students at U.K. Universities face mental health difficulties (YouGov, 9/8/2016). Stress, depression and anxiety are listed as the main reasons. Eating disorders are also another complaint... Read More

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is an important issue. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O., 2012) report identified Depression as the major cause of global illness by 2030. It seems that as we improve our physical health, we are unable to deal with... Read More

What is it like today?

People Talking

Our resistance to avoid self-disclosure can be related to our sense of self. We do not usually share our 'self-belief' which focuses on how we feel about our skills, abilities, looks and behaviour... Read More

Older People Can Make A Difference to Skill Shortage

Work affords the means for people to feel fulfilled and have a sense of purpose. Many people value work as an incentive to manage their daily life. The Skills Commission recommends in March 2017 recommends that 'Older Workers' Skills.. .Read More

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