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Psychometric Tests in London and Surrey

Unlock your potential with quality psychometric testing for your personal development and bring out the best in you. Psychometric testing helps to identify your suitability to the right job. The tests have  the following  benefits :  maintain gender and culture fairness, produce a report about cognitive functions and personality/ behavioural styles and deal with impression management, such as social desirability factors, faking and central tendency recording ( recording mostly middle score ).

There  are two types of Psychometric Tests: Aptitude/Ability Tests  and Personality Tests.

Aptitude / Ability Tests aim to identify how well you will  do -  in relation to tasks and situations.

Personality Test aims to understand how you tend to handle different situations, such as,  your and others emotions, motivation, attitude and general outlook.

The test will provide an objective  assessment of the participant's potential. The test covers the following criteria : their response under pressure ( how they  cope), their motivation and drive, their skills in handling conflict, their competency in team building or working alone, their decision-making skills, their aptitude in coping with  change, their readiness to follow instructions and seek guidance when needed, their sense of purpose within the organisation, their level of confidence and attitude towards  work. The results  of the test are used  to compare the potential of each applicant and to assist the employers to appoint the right person for the right job.

A psychometric test gives some insight into how people 'tick'. It also provides information about an individuals strengths and weaknesses, which can then be explored in coaching.

Is the test for you?

  • If you are students seeking a career, the test can point out your capabilities.
  • If you are changing careers, the test may single out your potential.
  • If you are applying for a suitable job, the test will produce specific details for your c.v.
  • If you are finding hard it to get an interview, the test will identify your strengths and weaknesses.

For employers in the private or public sector:

  • A detailed analysis of each candidate's potential helps to match the person's characteristics to meet the requirements for the post.
  • Personality assessment forms an integral part of recruitment/selection to enable  coaching, career guidance and development.
  • The Guardian (2 October 2010) states that 70% of firms use psychometric tests for recruitment in order to find the following soft skills: interpersonal, team working, negotiation, time management, communication and transferable.

For individuals who are interested in career development :

  • An informed decision about the choice for your profession or occupation.
  • Plan your career move or developmental needs.

For education providers:

  • An integral part of your career advice service.
  • Identify the aptitude of individuals for specific occupation or profession.

For healthcare sector:

  • A detailed report to assist in the selection process of the perfect employee.
  • Further understanding about the employee's training  and developmental needs.

For health report:

  • A comprehensive report of the individual's assessments to identify impulsive behaviour, which can be creative but may also destabilise the enterprise.
  • This assessment can be used to effectively support both the individual and the organisation.

What Psychometric Tests Are Available?

       Choose your psychometric test.  Each test is available on-line, and considers individual and cultural differences. The tests are :

  • GRT 1- ( performed in the presence of Tester ) Find high level of reasoning ability for professionals or graduates for management post.
  • GRT 2 - Ability Test. ( performed in the presence of Tester) Assess  general level of  abstract reasoning, numeracy and literacy. 
  • Adapt-g Test - Performed, unsupervised, at your convenience. Enable people over 15 to find more about their potential and abilities. 
  • CMAP Test ( Career Motivation Analysis Profile ) - Help students over 15 to make an informed career choice.
  • JTI (Jung Type Indicator)Personality Test. Identify psychological types, suitability for specific jobs. 
  • 15 FQ+ - Personality Test - Assess potential : handle pressure, conflict resolution & decision-taking skills.
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) - Assess interpersonal relationships, thinking styles, feelings and emotion.
  • The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) - Published in 1989, for mental health assessment. Suitable also for recruiting in 'high risk public safety position', and assist in career counselling.

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